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BEST MILEGA Magic Potting Soil for Plants Mix Fertilizers Potting Soil Mix for Plants Soil, Soil Less All Purpose Ready to use Potting Mix Made with vermicompost Neem Cake Potash River Sand 5KG

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Product Description

Why should you buy Green-garden potting mix? Green-garden potting mix is made with vermicompost Neem cake, perlite, Bone meal, vermiculite, Coco Peat, etc. Best potting mix for -Indoor, Outdoor, vegetables, and flowering plants. We deliver the right weight as displayed ( 5 kg,10 kg,15 kg,20 kg,)in our brand packaging. Our purpose is to make your gardening much more accessible than ever, What should a good potting mix do; The goals of a good potting mix are a. Hold moisture and nutrients around a plant's roots. b. Provide enough air for growing roots to be able to breathe. c. To support the plant and anchor the roots. Why potting mix is important? We all grow plants in pots. Usually, we fill the pot just with ordinary soil to grow our favorite plants. hence plants find it difficult to sustain in such pots for a longer duration & we don’t get desired results such as optimum quality & quantity of flowers, foliage color & overall plant health tends to deteriorate. Your pots should be filled with pot mixture rather than just soil.


bullet_p_1 potting mix is made with -vermicomposting Neem cake ,perlite ,Bone meal, vermiculite Coco Peat and Cow Manure etc.
bullet_p_2 Best potting mix for -Indoor , Outdoor , vegetables, flowering plants
bullet_p_3 Garden Soil Mix - Organic potting soil mixture for indoor plants, outdoor plants, flowering plants, cactus & succulents.
bullet_p_4 Good all purpose soil for plants & growing vegetabels, flowers, herbs.
bullet_p_5 Contains microbes which enhance the soil properties
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